The Concept is Simple

The Howarth Foundation’s initiative ‘Business Building Futures – Street 2 Feet’ supports the homeless or recently re-housed jobless back into full or part time employment or training.

The concept is simple but effective and supports all participants to the membership scheme, not just the home- less but local businesses, local authorities, the NHS, law enforcement, retail and the local community by offering employment to those who might otherwise be totally reliant upon state benefit, increasingly reliant upon the NHS, are likely to spend their time street begging and potentially become a drain on law enforcement resources by committing crime but also becoming a regular victim of crime. It is a fact that a life on the street is exceptionally dangerous for the vulnerable individual concerned who are regularly subject to abuse and assault.

Scott Ringways

Give someone a real chance of what we take for granted

Identifying the correct individuals

It is also fact that not everyone you see on the street is genuinely homeless and many chose street begging as a way of life that provides them with (often) a not insignificant income stream. It is also the case that not everyone who finds themselves on the street is ready for employment with many burdened with very complex issues such as drug and alcohol dependency, mental health problems and long term social exclusion and isolation.

The question is how do we identify those who are ready to take ‘The Next Step’ back into mainstream society and employment? There are many charitable organisations in the region working with those with dependency or mental health issues ‘sweeping’ the streets daily to signpost service users to the appropriate agency. It is with this type of professional body that we have formed strong, proactive relationships who are able to refer suitable candidates to our charity. It then falls upon us to match that individual with suitable employment from our membership of businesses.

What we are looking for

We are looking for businesses who care and who want to work with us, the local authorities and organisations giving someone a real chance of what we tend to take for granted i.e. a home and a job.

Enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility

Whilst at the same time enhancing your Corporate Social Responsibility by offering genuine employment opportunities and support to individuals who are desperate to work.


You may need to spend more time with your new employee in areas of induction and support and not every employment relationship will be a success story, but The Howarth Foundation will be there to support both you and your new employee every step along the journey.