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For the equivalent of only £2.05 per day… (£750 annually)

Our ‘Business Building Futures’ initiative supports the homeless, recently re-housed, those at risk of homelessness, fleeing domestic violence, sofa surfing or in unsuitable or unsafe accommodation into full or part time employment or training.

The concept is simple but effective and supports all participants to the membership scheme, not just the client, but businesses, communities and third sector organisations.

How will your donation benefit an individual?

  • Provides necessary training
  • Provides mentoring
  • Provides counselling
  • Provided bus pass for the first month of employment
  • Provides any necessary clothing for work
  • Provides any financial commitments i.e. lunch

Added benefits of being a BBF member

  • Acknowledgement of Corporate Social Responsibilty
  • PR Coverage of your brand at events and within news – PR Visual
  • Invitation to BBF Annual Networking Event

Fundraising as a BBF member.

We would like your staff to fundraise a minimum of £500 annually with the support of The Howarth Foundation’s dedicated fundraising/event manager.

If you are stuck for ideas or want to chat through your plans then please get in touch with us, we love hearing about your ideas and will be happy to provide you with advice and support.

Check out our fundraising pack for additional info and support.

Fundraising pack

Or you can help by becoming
an employer

Angus Kinnear
CEO, Leeds United

Gareth Davies
Managing Director, KSDL

Micheal Howard
Managing Director, Erris Homes

…and Join our other Business Partners

If you are looking for cheap labour or unlimited resource to the labour market avoiding recruitment and advertising costs, read no further.

We are looking for businesses who care and who want to work with us, providing someone with a real chance of what most of us take for granted i.e. a home and a job.

Thus enhancing your Corporate Social Responsibility by offering genuine employment opportunities and support to individuals.

You can also support us by

Making a donation

To support us, simply donate here. You can donate by debit/credit card, Google Pay or PayPal.

You can make a one-off gift or donate monthly. If you're a taxpayer, you can boost your donation by adding Gift Aid.

Your money will then be used to provide training and support our clients.

Or work with us and become a volunteer

We are so grateful for the amazing donation of your time, we would work around your lifestyle and other commitments, giving you flexibility.

Does this sound like you? If so, get in touch!

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  • Wants to learn new skills?
  • Wishes to make a difference?
  • Wants to be a part of a team?
  • Are motivated by achievement?
  • Wants to gain new experiences to add to your CV?

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