Change someone’s life

If as a business you are looking for cheap labour or unlimited resource to the labour market avoiding recruitment and advertising costs, this scheme is not for you.

We are looking for businesses who care and who want to work with us, the local authorities and organisations giving someone a real chance of what we tend to take for granted i.e. a home and a job, whilst at the same time enhancing your Corporate Social Responsibility by offering genuine employment opportunities and support to individuals who are desperate to work.

Change someone’s life

Our individuals have been thoroughly vetted and who we believe is genuinely ready and able to take ‘The Next Step’ in to employment.


The emplyee will mentored for a suitable period ensuring a smooth transition from ‘Street 2 Feet’ offering support not only to the individual but to you as a caring business.


Employment can be full time or part time, permanent or temporary and we will support you at all stages.