You don’t need any special talents or skills to fundraise, only a desire to make a difference…

We would look to your organisation to subscribe to an annual membership fee of £500, and thereafter commit to fundraise a minimum target of £500 per year by organising a wide range of events that your whole workplace can get involved in.

This equates to £2.73p per day!

Less than the price of a fancy coffee!

Fundraising Pack

Getting Started

  • Keep your idea’s simple
  • Set yourself a goal
  • Work out if there are any costs to you, try and aim to raise a minimum of £3 for every £1 you are spending
  • Let us know your plans so we can provide any support and advice
  • Set up an online giving page JustGiving, GoFundMe etc.
  • Publicise your event, create posters and use social media
  • Enjoy it!

If you are stuck for an idea or want to chat through your plans then please get in touch with us, we love hearing about your ideas and will be happy to provide you with advice and support. We have some examples below to help.

Leeds Triathlon

Become a fundraiser and change someone’s life

Events that you could run…

Here are just some of the events that you could run:

  • Dress down days – 1 day per quarter, charging £2 per employee
  • Bake sale – 1 every quarter, charging £1.50 per cake/bun
  • A sponsored event – Anything from a sponsored walk, bike ride, skydive etc
  • Coffee Morning
  • Give up something for a week – e.g. chocolate or alcohol
  • Bring and buy sale
  • Sleep rough for one night
  • Swear box

The list above is not exhausted, why not invite your team or colleagues to create their own ideas for fundraising events!

The list above is not exhaustive and you are more than welcome to create your own ideas for fundraising events!

Fundraising Pack

Tools to help with your fundraising:

(So that you can let us know what you are doing and request items such as t-shirts, banners, collection buckets etc)