The Howarth Foundation

Hidden Owls is a community based project created to support and enhance the lives of underprivileged individuals who have been subject to homelessness, destitution and or lived a chaotic lifestyle.

The method of support is to offer a programme of reintegration referred to as , ‘The Stree2Feet Project’  to those who are looking to re-enter mainstream society but are not yet ready to take the leap into employment but desperate to begin living a normal life that we all take for granted.

Hidden Owls will offer training in retail, finance management , CV writing, interview techniques and other key areas key to entry into employment but, more importantly, will provide an opportunity to gain confidence, re-establish relationships , make friends, be with others with a similar story and ultimately find their way into society and be supported into meaningful employment through The Howarth Foundation.

This will be achieved by working as a team from a small training facility in Armley, Leeds in the form of a retail outlet selling good quality but reasonably priced donated merchandise where clients can interact with members of the public whilst being supported by businesspeople, training specialists, local community volunteers and personal support workers from partner agencies.

The staff are recruited from those who have been homeless, recently re-housed, sofa surfing, fleeing domestic violence, subject to harassment, in unsafe or unsuitable accommodation and those without a roof to call their own and, wherever possible, the team will also be enlisted from those who are in recovery from mind altering substances, EU refugees, and those who have been subject to harassment, human trafficking, manipulation and or control by a third party.

Hidden Owls is a ‘Street2Feet’ project supporting recovery and re-integration whilst being financially sustainable and self-sufficient through its retail outlet.

This is not just a second hand shop, it’s a re-integration and recovery programme for those less fortunate but ready to take ‘The Next Step’