The Howarth Foundation

Leeds Community Foundation supports charities and voluntary groups across Leeds in addressing inequalities and working together to help create opportunities for those that most need help.

I was delighted when we received information that a new grant ‘Leeds Community Foundation Resilience Fund’ had opened to support small charities in the wake of Covid-19 and were invited to apply. The uncertain times that we have all found ourselves in has had a massive impact on our charity and we have found ourselves in very strange times, one which we were unsure as to how it was going to pan out.

The Howarth Foundation had to halt the day to day operations of assisting our homeless clients back into employment by furloughing all members of the team until we knew more about the pandemic and the effect that this was having on the homeless individuals in Leeds as well as our partner agencies. It was amazing to hear about the particular round of funding and we applied for a grant so that we could resume our day to day activities, keep helping those that need our support, give a helping hand to partner agencies who are certainly under a lot of pressure to meet the immediate needs of the homeless and provide some certainty that THF was still very much in the mix.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Leeds Community Foundation for awarding us the grant and allowing Natalie, General Manager, to get back at the helm alongside myself to make sure that we come out of this stronger than ever and ready to continue making a difference to those looking to make that change from Street2Feet.

Andy Howarth