The Howarth Foundation

As a successful family business with over 15 years standing, the directors and family members recognised the importance and value of addressing our Corporate Social Responsibility in a meaningful and practical way.

Since its inception, Howarths has annually raised funds for various charities every one of which, we soon recognised, was exceptionally well subscribed and supported so in 2017 The Howarth Foundation, our own family charity, was formed specifically to support the homeless back into employment. The charity was recognised by the Charities Commission and we are now very proud to celebrate our second anniversary.

Homelessness and addiction are issues that can affect anyone irrespective of status and ability. Three missed mortgage payments through family breakup or illness could easily result in re-possession and eviction. By way of example, and totally out of the blue, I was diagnosed with cancer in September 2018 and only now am I able to begin a phased return to work. Most people don’t have the luxury of owning their own business and most employers would struggle or be unwilling to pay an employee full salary for such a lengthy period of time.

Can we eradicate homelessness? The answer to that is a definite yes; provided that as a society we all play our part but especially businesses. Employment is the key to eliminating homelessness. It is a fact that in Leeds the City Council work tirelessly in their quest to rehouse homeless individuals and families but rehousing is simply not enough, people need social interaction and a purpose in life and so meaningful employment, routine and structure is the crucial element in avoiding relapse and re- entry to the chaos of addiction and street life through the dreaded revolving door syndrome.

At The Howarth Foundation, we are committed to finding employment for those ready to take the next step by working with local employers who are wiling to offer employment and or training to our clients. We are currently party to a very committed and experienced Steering Group comprising of local business people, Leeds City Council, other third sector partners` and those with life experience of addiction and homelessness and have compiled a data base of employers willing to offer employment.

Is your organisation willing to walk with us on this amazing journey from street to feet?
Get in touch by calling Natalie on 01274 864999.