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Latest homeless figures
More than 300,000 people in Britain – equivalent to one in every 200 – are officially recorded as homeless or living in inadequate homes, according to figures released by the charity Shelter.
Using official government data and freedom of information returns from local authorities, it estimates that 307,000 people are sleeping rough, or accommodated in temporary housing, B &B or hostels – an increase of 13,000 over the past year.
The official Government statistic make for grim reading and highlight the urgent need for action but homelessness is not just the responsibility of Central Government or local authorities, it is a complex social problem with a variety of underlying economic and social factors such as poverty, lack of affordable housing, uncertain physical and mental health, addictions and community and family breakdown that local businesses could help to address.
The Howarth Foundation’s ‘Businesses Building Futures’ initiative enlist the support of local businesses in combatting homelessness and unemployment through its ‘Street2Feet’ program and working in conjunction with other agencies supporting the homeless through a process of rehabilitation and ultimately back into employment.
As a business you could make a difference and change someone’s life whilst enhancing your own corporate social responsibility by joining our fast growing BBF membership.
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Howarths Music Extravaganza
We are delighted to announce that our Music Extravaganza held at the Cedar Court in November attended by 250 guests raised in excess of £7,000 for our charity and we thank you all for your amazing support.
We will be running another Music Extravaganza this year on Saturday 24th November at the Cedar Court in aid of The Howarth Foundation our registered charity supporting the homeless back into work. Tables are already being booked so to avoid disappointment please contact Tracey on 01274 864999 or e mail This year will follow the same format but with new exciting acts with the emphasis on fun, music and dance.
Homelessness in Leeds Seminar – The facts
Much has been written about the homeless situation in Leeds and there are many misconceptions and urban myths surrounding the problem and this seminar/workshop aims to address some of those fallacies and provide an accurate picture of homelessness, professional street beggars and vagrancy and how you as a business can help fulfill your corporate social responsibility and social awareness and help encourage social mobility in our community.
Speakers will include representatives of CGL (Leeds Street Outreach) and St Anne’s Resource Centre who offer support to homeless individuals rough sleeping, Leeds City Council Housing Options who will provide an overview of LCC’s housing policy and St Georges Crypt will speak about their Growing Rooms rehabilitation program.
Delegates will also hear from one of our clients who was homeless and street begging for many years providing a true-life insight into life living rough on the street of Leeds and what motivated him into rehabilitation. You will then hear from his current employer the managing director of Ringways Motor Group and member of our Business Building Futures initiative who gave our client a chance.Date: 14th March 2018
Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm
Venue: Elland Road, Leeds

To reserve your place please contact Natalie on