The Howarth Foundation

The Howarth Foundation was registered as a charity as recently as February of this year (2017) and, as CEO, the first question I need to ask myself is;

‘has the charity met its aim and objectives over the first ten month and; has the organisation impacted positively upon the lives of others?

It’s fair to say that for Natalie and me it’s been a very busy year and whilst starting any business from scratch is never easy, we are proud to say that we have successfully realised and structured several initiatives including one of our major projects:

Business Building Futures – Street to Feet

Eighteen businesses have now signed up to this initiative, which incidentally was endorsed by Leeds City Council in September, with the principle being one of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

How does it work?

For an annual membership fee of £130, participating businesses offer one of three things to the BBF’s initiative:
– Fund raising activity pledging a minimum of £500 per year
– The offer of paid employment to one of our service users
– Volunteer support

Our hope, of course, is that the member business will offer employment to one of our service users and, if that is an option, we will ensure that the service user has attended and successfully completed an employability course with a recognised commissioned provider and is deemed ready for ‘the next step’ into work whilst at the same time offering the business HR and employment law support.

As part of this exclusive membership club we will arrange two networking events a year providing for the chance to meet other like-minded organisations and allowing us the opportunity to tell you what a difference your business has made to someone’s life.

We are actively and continually looking for organisations to join us in supporting the homeless on our Business Building Futures project.

Please call Natalie or me on 01274 864999.

Partner Relationship

Leeds City Council formally endorsed our Business Building Futures initiative on the 13th September 2017 and as a result we are now working closely with Leeds Housing Options who provide us with advice, support and furnished housing for service users who commit to getting back to work through our BBF project.

St. Georges Crypt, Leeds. We are working with the Crypt on their ‘Growing Rooms’ project mentoring and rehabilitating individuals with dependency issues. The Crypt is a truly amazing organisation providing, amongst many other services, beds, support, hot meals, guidance and hope to anyone who rings their doorbell.

St. Anne’s Resource Centre providing support to homeless people through drop-in Resource Centre, hostel accommodation and outreach.

Change Grow Live (CGL) providing an outreach service to people who are rough sleeping, at risk of homelessness or begging in Leeds. Helping people who rough sleep or beg to move away from the streets and access appropriate support services.

GIPSIL providing housing-related support to young people and families across Leeds.

Fund Raising Activity

Last year we undertook (with the help of our supporters):

– A 17 mile sponsored canal walk.
– A car boot sale
– An Ebay campaign
– A cake stall day
– Our Annual Music Extravaganza
– A T Bag sale
– Collection with Huddersfield Students Union Freshers week.

In total we raised over £12,000 during 2017


We received some amazing donations from as little as £3 up to £2,500 the latter amount kindly donated by the Huddersfield Free Masons.

Where does your donation go?

Unlike many charities, we have NO expensive wage bills or running cost. Natalie and I are paid by our family business, Howarths People and Safety Management, and we live in their building rent free. Therefore, ALL donations and sponsor monies go directly to our service users/clients to help facilitate their rehabilitation and recovery and none go on running costs, pin badges, expensive consultants or bumper salaries.

Did we make a difference in our first year?

In answer to my own question, did we positively impact upon anyone’s life during 2017?

We have:

– Provided employment opportunities for four homeless and unemployed individuals
– Secured a training programme for one homeless unemployed person
– Engaged on an ongoing support programme with eight homeless people suffering with dependency issues along with our partners helping to prepare for training and employment.

There are lots of statistics and figures banded about by varying organisations and statutory bodies about the cost of keeping a homeless person on the street and the impact upon society, the NHS, support agencies and the police to name but a few of people but what we know and see as a fact at The Howarth Foundation is that giving someone the opportunity to improve their life, mental health, feeling of belonging and productiveness is priceless.

This is just a summary of what we have achieved in ten months, just think what more we could provide to the homeless and unemployed with your help.

Andy Howarth CEO