The Howarth Foundation
World Suicide Prevention Day
10th September 2017


At the ages of 16-24, homeless people are at least twice as likely to die as their housed contemporaries; for 25-34 year olds the ratio increases to four to five times, and at ages 35-44, to five to six times. In Yorkshire and Humberside 39% of those deaths will be drug related and 8% through drug addiction but there is little difference in the cause, drug addiction and  suicide are inextricably linked.

The problem of homelessness can be addressed and local authorities are working hard to provide permanent or temporary accommodation but one of the biggest causes of repeat homelessness and the ‘revolving door’ syndrome is an individual’s lack of objective, motivation, self-esteem and hope that comes with employment.

The Howarth Foundation ‘aims and objectives’ is to work with individuals who are homeless, recently re-housed and jobless by sourcing local businesses who are  willing to give someone a chance of re-entering main stream society and off benefits and handouts thus reducing the social welfare bill whilst at the same time offering a new start to someone who has lost their way. We are not supporting beggars, individuals with continuing drug and alcohol abuse addiction or mental health issue but we are offering a life line to those who are ready and willing to take the ‘next step’ back into employment.

As a business you can help by one of several ways such as staff fund raising events, corporate sponsorship or the offer of employment. We are a family run charity entirely funded through donations and fund raising and we need help.

Please help the homeless, not by giving to professional beggars but by supporting a genuine, registered small family charity where you know your donation will go direct to the cause and not on running cost and high staff wages.

The Howarth Foundation support the homeless away from the dangers and temptation of the streets and back into employment.

If your business would like to make a change to someone’s life by become a supporter or fundraiser, please contact Natalie Wells-Jagger by emailing or call 01274 864999.