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Street to Feet
Membership Package

We would like the opportunity of presenting to you our concept of businesses fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by supporting the genuinely homeless back into employment and or education.

We are looking for organisations who are prepared to give something tangible and proactive back, not just by donating money, but by offering employment to those who are ready to take ‘The Next Step’.

Or, if you are not able or ready to offer employment you can help by encouraging your staff in fund raising activities on behalf of those homeless who are ready, able and willing to re-join mainstream society.

We will guide and support you in any undertaking that you are prepared to take on and offer you membership to the most worthwhile club that you have ever been part of.

Would you be prepared to give Natalie and Andy 30 minutes of your time to tell you more?

To arrange for a member of our team to come out to see you please call Natalie on 01274 864999 or email