The Howarth Foundation

Natalie and Andy of The Howarth Foundation were delighted to invite perhaps their oldest sponsor and fundraiser for afternoon tea at the Foundation office, 90 year old Joan Toulson, to express their thanks on behalf of the Foundation and its trustees for her amazing work in making over 100 tea bag holders. Joan, who is partially sighted offered to help the Foundation in its fundraising by cross stitching over a 100 tea bag holders emblazoned with THF logo which the Foundation hope to sell for £3 each (complete with tea bag) to businesses and individuals alike.

Joan said that “although I struggle to see very well, I do it by touch and memory but I wanted to do what I could for the homeless”. Joan bought all the materials for the project costing over £100 from her pension but refused to accept any payment “I’ve always done something for local charities and feel that this is such a worthwhile cause and I just hope someone buys them”.

If you or any of your staff would consider buying one of Joan’s fabulous T bag holders please contact Natalie on 01274 864999