The Howarth Foundation


The Howarth Foundation is delighted that Rastrick High School has chosen to support us in our aim of assisting the homeless to take The Next Step.

Steve Evans. Head Teacher at Rastrick High School said  “Supporting charities and developing and nurturing local and wider community links are an intrinsic part of life at Rastrick High School and we are proud to support The Howarth Foundation.

We were therefore delighted to be invited to take part in the Music Extravaganza where our Award winning Choir will join other top performers in an evening of live music in support of the charity.

As a school, we will be doing as much as possible to support The Howarth Foundation in whatever way we can, helping them continue to deliver ongoing assistance to the homeless community of Kirklees and Leeds.  Students develop empathy for others through planning, organisation, hard work, and raising funds for chosen charities. They will learn more about homelessness in assemblies and take a moment to consider those less fortunate than themselves.  We are hoping our students will be inspired to think of ways of fundraising when they realise how difficult and isolating it is to be homeless. They will learn how their support can empower vulnerable homeless people, and others in crisis, to transform their lives and help those who are excluded from mainstream society.”

If you would like to support The Howarth Foundation and get involved please contact Natalie on 01274 864999 or email