July 9, 2019 HowarthFoundation

The Howarth Foundation Feature in The Daily Express

Recently The Howarth Foundation was featured in The Daily Express, the article talks about our Business Building Futures scheme.

Business Building Futures matches those fighting against homelessness and addiction with jobs and training opportunities at one of its 25 partner businesses. The programme has so far helped 15 individuals gain employment, while 14 more are in skills training with a prominent local company. Based in Leeds, BBF was launched by family-run charity The Howarth Foundation. The programme is entirely self-funded by the charity, which has raised just over £20,000 to help grow its scheme and turn lives around.

The Howarth Foundation has also received official endorsement from Leeds City Council.

This has helped eight individuals on the scheme who were on the waiting list for a council-owned home in Leeds gain priority for a property.

Charity founder Andy Howarth said: “Our objective was to place individuals who had experienced homelessness and addiction back into part or full-time employment or skills training, to help aid their recovery, boost their self-esteem and integrate them back into society.”

Across England, rough sleeping has soared by 165 per cent in the past eight years, with 4,677 people recorded as “sleeping rough” in the past year.

But campaigners say this is just the tip of the iceberg with as many as 320,000 people actually living without their own home.

Natalie Wells, client development manager at The Howarth Foundation, said investing in destitute people and giving them a positive future also helps save public money in the long run.

She said: “For every homeless unemployed individual that we get back into work, there is an immediate saving of around £60,000 to the taxpayer. Add to that the tax and NI paid by the individual and the relief to the NHS and law enforcement agencies, and the financial gain is vast.”

“Business Building Futures is different to some of the other schemes, where employers work with the council offering employment, as we offer unlimited follow-up support for the employer through our family-run HR and employment law company, Howarths.

“This means we can immediately address any problems or issues should they arise, as well as ensuring the employer has the correct policies and procedures in place with a thorough induction when the client starts the role.

“This means we are doing everything in our power to nurture a successful relationship between the client and the employer from the very beginning.”

Click here to read the full article on The Daily Express website.

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