The Howarth Foundation objectives are;

The prevention or relief of poverty in respect of individuals who are, or who have recently been, homeless in the districts of Leeds and Kirklees, by actively sourcing employers willing to offer employment and by providing those individuals with support and guidance, as to be determined by the Trustees, to successfully obtain such employment.

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The National Family Business Awards 2018:

Natalie and me were so proud to be a part of the National Family Business Awards held at Wembley Stadium on Saturday and…we won two awards; Family Business of the Year and, for our charitable work helping the homeless and guiding them back into employment and or training, the Big Heart Award. Natalie and I are passionate about our work and genuinely don’t look for reward so it was such a shock for us to be presented with such a prestigious award in the National Arena. A big thank you to all of you who believed in us and have supported us on our journey.

Complete Group UK Ltd

Hi Andy,
I just wanted to thank you for bringing James to us. He is brilliant and such a lovely chap. He is self sufficient and industrious. He is kind and gentle. I really enjoy him being with us and appreciate his skills and attributes. Having him with us has taught us so much.
Best regards

Graeme Stocks

Managing Director

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